Monday, 9 July 2012


Right now seems to be one of those rare periods of time where i can actually find shoes i like in my size (that i don't have to sell my organs to afford). Because, y'know, i'm not a fan of kitten heels and comfort fit so wide size 9's that don't make me dry heave are about as easy to come across as a needle in a haystack.

SHOES:NEW LOOK -  £17.99 (-10% student discount)

For some (probably shitty and probably 100% my fault) reason i can't embed the video i wanted to so y'all had better CLICK THIS OBNOXIOUSLY LARGE TEXT TO SEE IT!


  1. Fellow size 9 wide fitter here! I've always struggled with finding beautiful shoes for my clunky feet, I desperately want some flatforms but have given up hope of them ever being available above size 8. New Look have always been a favourite of mine though.

    1. shoe size twins! :) i want flatforms, baaddd! i try on every pair i see from a size 8 upwards just in case. Big Feet Problems! xxx

  2. Check out Ladies...