Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Certain Romance


Well this is my "It's Sunday & I can't be fucked." Outfit. Not bad for the stuff that was literally closest/easiest to put on :)
After a long time really hating shorts, diy-ing all my old jeans into cut offs has made me fall pretty hard for them,  if only we had some sunny weather for me to feel like they were appropriate (LOL, i am never appropriate!) but seriously though, it's July now, we've had about 3-4 weeks of nice weather in this whole year, i dunno, it'd be nice to have some more, kthx.

These trainers are my ultimate super awesome bargain trainers. Sometimes i get a bit pissed that i have large feet because i never really like the colours they make in my size but at £25 in the sale down from like £80, i freaked out when i saw these and made a lot of my male friends prettttyyyy jealous by snaggin' the last pair, sorry boys!

seriously, i might even try and find a reason to leave the house today (smoking in the garden doesn't count!) i'm diggin this whole get up. It's amazing what a pair of earrings and some nice shoes can do to bed hair and a tee i grabbed of the floor (no shame)

Speaking of no shame, here's some outtakes:
1: Balance Issues
2: Out of focus face