Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bust My Buttons: Boys

Let's here it for 'em. And all their penis-y goodness : )

There is something quite lovely about a well dressed man, but i think i speak for a lot of women when i say it's a tough balancing act for fellas. If you're slobby, ew. If you're too much of a pretty boy, ew.
I likes them well dressed but still a bit rough around the edges.



Quinto, Bloom, Efron, Franco. Good Work.
Quinto, Bloom, Efron, Franco. Goooooooooooooood Work!
Jack Black and Seth Rogen; you guys clean up really well, i like it when you switch from the tees and jeans thing, it's nice.
Dallas Green; because i love a man in plaid.
J Timberlake and D Beckham you guys get props. And so do you Robert Pattinson (but if the stench rumours are true, you are soo not having a slice of my pie, you're probably too busy eating Kristen Stewart's anyways; if those rumours are true!)
Jay Z, well done to you sir. Kanye West, same.

Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, you've been slammed in the past for your beardy hobo lookin ways but i remain in firm support of your personal styles.

Keith Richards, coked out god of pirate fashion.
Hendrix, HENDRIX!

These are just a few, I'll stop now before this turns into a "50 best dressed" list. As if i haven't objectified men enough this evening!
This is quite a lengthy post i've done on something that doesn't really rank hugely highly in my list of things i first look at when eyeing up the opposite sex, i've done it because i was inspired to and because it's great to see anyone with good personal style, male or female.
Not because i turn away any man who "hasn't made an effort"

Any favourite man things when it come to their style ladies?


  1. Quinto, as in Zachary Quinto. Yes yes yes!
    Bloom, yes.
    Efron, no fuck off.
    Franco... hmmm I wouldn't say no.
    And Dallas Green. Always and forever. Please please please.
    Also if he reads this, i will cry if you shave your beard off again like you did at the Alexisonfire gig I came to see. :(

    I loveeeeeeeee youuu x

  2. glad you're loving it steph : )

    and lauren, calm down!
    Efron based purely on his good taste in clothes and amazing performance in the film Me and Orson Welles, i'm not game for any of that disney shit.

    Yes as in Zachary.

    and dallas green is of course reading my blog! so he'll for sure get your message about beards!