Tuesday, 18 January 2011

OOTD: Cinderella

Last Saturday was the final performance of the Cinderella, the pantomime i was in this year.
I played Grizelda, Cinders' evil stepmother.
I had an amazing time and I'm gonna share a few photos : )



1: My lovely Drag Queen Daughter, Bimbo. And her sister Belle in the background.
2: Me and Steve, the guy who played my husband!
3: Buttons and Cinderella! AKA Dave and Kate, two lovely people!
4: Our two Horses who looked amazing with their fairy lights and horse hats.

I have about a million more pictures, especially from our last performance. But i won't bore you with them.

Anyway, on to the main point of the post.
Sunday night was the After show Party, it was a week later than normal but whatever, a party is a party!
I got quite dolled up, people at panto are used to seeing me in stage makeup with crazy bad hair from having to backcomb the hell out of it every night and i was on a bit of a mission to prove i could be presentable.


I have maayyjjahhh love for this dress, it was half price, fits amazingly well and is gorgeous. So happy i bought it! There's not much more to say on the outfit really.
I will however, very quickly mention that this colour is the worst one to wear when you have a habit of spilling wine down your front, it leads to people saying you have "Nipple Dribble" when you've just splashed a bit of rosé on your boob. You know who you are, person who shouted that across the pub : )

I re-cut my fringe in, which means it is a bit uneven but whatever. I was very bored and inspired by the hoards of hipster bloggers who have full and shiny fringes, i needed to try the whole thing again after a disastrous attempt in the summer when for some reason i just could not get along with my (hairdresser cut!!) fringe.

It's been so long since i did an OOTD the whole thing is feeling a bit strange.
Think i just need to get into the swing of things!


  1. oh my goodness, how adorable are you love! catching up on ure blog and im enjoying it so much. love that asos dress on u!

  2. thank you lovely, glad you're loving it : )

  3. The dress looks great on you and I love the rosy cheek!

  4. The dress is fantastic. I'm not a gray-loving person but this dress is something even I would like to have ;). Hahaha, i guess it's not nice to get red wine on such a dress but white wine wouln't stain that much, I guess. I got beer all over my boob when wearing my new yellow blouse the other day but when it got dry there was not even a hint of stain :o which I'm actually very glad about :D.

  5. thanks girls
    : )

    i totally didn't stain it luckily. just had wet patches all night!

  6. WOW now i love even the evil stepmother! You don't look evil enough! You are smiling! But yes the mission to prove yourself presentable definitely works cos you look effortless and pretty!

  7. thanks lovely : ) trust me i was evil on stage, i locked cinders in a wardrobe and pushed plety of people about!


  8. Really cute dress ! you look cute ! :)