Sunday, 30 January 2011

Friday Night & an OOTD

I woke up today in the best mood, i've had a lovely weekend and today was just the icing on the cake.
I'll start at the beginning:

On Friday night me and two of my girls hit the town. It was incredibly messy and fun and amazing.
L to R: Frankie, Me and Hayley, i love these ladies.

As you can see i bought the ASOS Curve play suit, it's amazing and i wanted to save it for the plus blogger meet but i decided to use friday as a test night to see if it was comfy, it is, so expect to see more of it!
In a semi-drunken moment whilst Frankie was sorting out music me and Hay decided she should be on the blog. These are the results of that decision:

She's awesome, shout out to her i know she's reading : )

It really was a great night and it was so good to see these girls, all i could think of on Saturday was this song. . Our time together is pretty precious, come September we'll all be in different parts of the country studying so nights out like this will be a rarity, Exeter will be a quiet place with us all gone : )

Anyways, after recovering all day Saturday three other friends came over for dinner. I cooked a mean Macaroni and Cheese, we watched Anchorman which is stupidly funny and quotable. No pictures but a promise a good time was had!
After they left i took myself off to bed and woke up this morning to a beautiful day!

It was all clear skies and sunshine, lovely and just what the doctor ordered after months of grey days!

I cooked myself a really good breakfast of poached eggs & english muffins with a big cup of Earl Grey Tea then got dressed and finally we get to my OOTD (which for the record is picture heavy!)


Gotta love how i'm keeping it real in bed socks right?
The only mentionable thing here is the trousers really (well and the lovely ring that a friend bought me because, and i quote; "you like birds and flowers and shit" : D)
Bought them a while ago with these. I'd read that they ran a bit big and i totally agree, ASOS Curve trouser fitting is all over the place. I know i'm a strange shape but a lot of other bloggers say the same.
Negativity aside, they are super comfy and i have nothing bad to say (although a good few of my friends have nicknamed them the old lady trousers!)
For some reason though, wearing them reminded me of this:

So i started singing it and dancing and left my camera going on self timer, seriously the next two pictures are frigging hilarious.

I love my life ♥


  1. The playsuit looks so good! How's the sizing?

    Also, you are adorable - the last two photos are hilarious!

  2. Hey misses,
    Im back in town next friday wilsons playing a gig!
    Oh and nice outfits. xxx

  3. elizabeth: can't believe i didn't mention sizing! i'd say it runs as true to size as possible to be honest! i love it so much if i had the money i'd buy the other colour too!

    and lauren: sayyy whattt!??!
    i'm gonna text you re this later in the week : )

  4. ooooooh the playsuit!!!!!!! you look sooooooo nice morgaine!!!
    I'm a big fan of your faces in all your photos, sure you're so funny :)

  5. I love the outfit! And I can't stop staring at your birdie ring! So adorable!

  6. LMAO at the last pictures! I adore the outfit & you look fab in that playsuit. I have your friends bow tights too ;D

  7. I really like your trousers, they look very comfy!


  8. I totally love you in the playsuit and your take on the peg pants! I also like the socks that you wore in that trousers outfit post :) I thought it was a very cute touch. Can't wait for amazing pictures during the blogger meet and wish I am there. Wholeheartedly!

  9. thanks for your comments guys : )
    you're all lovely!

    oh and stephanie: everyone has the bow tights i swear! think they're a primark must have item.