Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dress Me Up

ASOS Curve is hitting it out of the park day after day at the moment. Their dresses are pushing all the right buttons and i'd like to own at least these 4 before we hit summer 2011*:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I'm also currently dribbling over these items as well:

I'm a winter lover but i am more than ready for some lovely sunshine now. I have a huge collection of warm day outfits crammed into my head and very little patience. I also seem to be having some kind of love affair with colour at the moment which bodes well for the sunny days. I normally find myself in despair when something i love doesn't come in black but as you can see, my recent choices in items have bucked that trend.

Bring on the sunshine!

*ASOS Curve, i mention you in a very favourable light quite often and i was just wondering if you'd send me these for free? Thanks : )


  1. I quite like the scallop hem dress but so wish they had a bit more shape to it though.

  2. i've had a couple of dresses from asos curve in a similar shape (both on the blog somewhere : D) and although they are quite boxy if you put a belt with them it creates shape really well.
    Some shapless dresses don't work with belts but asos's seem too! x