Thursday, 27 September 2012



So i am not washed up in a gutter, i am alive, and slowly normalising my life.
I might be a second year but you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore, so i really smashed fresher's week this year! (it's just occurred t me that overseas readers might be completely lost and i can't really explain in detail because i don't have the patience, so just know that it's all to do with university and consuming alcohol :D)

This was taken outside The Hive, which has just been built in Worcester and i believe it is Europe's first integrated public and university library, fun fact!
Even funner fact, i was on my way to town to buy a new dress; it's niiiice :)

I've just started lectures so my partying ways have calmed down but i'm still adjusting and finding my rhythm. Hopefully i'll post again ASAP but if not accept my sincerest apologies!!!!