Saturday, 26 May 2012

mint humbug


This is what i wore on my actual day of birth on Wednesday. I had a very, very chilled out day but it was no less lovely and big thanks go out to the people who made it so :)
I'm very much in love with this shirt at the moment because it stops me getting fried by the sun but doesn't make me stupidly hot (who loves sheer, i do!!). These jeans were a gamble though, i love pastels but mostly on other people or in accessory form so i was a bit nervous buying them, i love them now though so i guess they just needed gothing up a bit!

Just because i can, here are some other photos from the day:

I asked my flatmate to take OOTD pictures and she started with snapping me trying to get up. Nice!

Here's me and the flat mate responsible, 'scuse my eye, it was trés sunny.

Finally, here's a picture of me cruising round campus on my friends bike: loving life <3


  1. i love the outfit it looks great the shirt is amazing! xx

  2. Cute outfit! Have a question about the ASOS jeans as I've had my eye on a the light blue pair for a while. How is the fit? Do they have good stretch to them? Did they fit you true to size? Never ordered pants from ASOS Curve but have a closet full of dresses, tops and skirts from the line. Thanks! Lauren in the US

  3. thank you for the comments :)

    @Lauren: These jeans aren't from ASOS they're froma different shop, sorry for the confusion :/ i haven't bought jeans from ASOS for a couple years but as far as i remember the fit was pretty true to size however i ordered them too small so donated them to a friend, they are still her favourite jeans though! Hope that helps and if not i'm sure if you google "asos curve jeans blog post" something will come up! :) xxxx