Monday, 5 September 2011


I'm convinced this is a lie, i'm convinced someone is fucking with me, i'm convinced that it is in fact not the start of September but at the very most the first days of July.
I feel robbed. August went so quickly it was virtually non existent.

Except it did exist and it fleeting though it may have been, it was beautiful.

Not many pictures taken, mostly due to it being hectic (my lack of OOTD's is appaling!) These represent some of the things i've been up to fairly well: girly nights in with friends, braiding my hair in new ways, baking, reenacting with gorgeous people and eating lots of oddly shaped home grown veggies!

I've spent a lot of August away from home or at home preparing for university and i have been terrible at managing my time. Blogging is a really important part of my life but it;s something i like to put quite a bit of planning and effort into so unfortunately when things suddenly become very hectic and crazy it gets a bit left behind. I know i'm going to be busy at uni. but hopefully i'll have some sort of routine which means i can continue to blog regularly, it might just take a couple weeks for that all to fall into place.

My list of "Entertainment" for August is short and sweet because i didn't have the time to read or watch tv or discover new music. So basically i had:
John Mayer's Continuum and various Black Key's albums playing as background music,
on my rare spare evenings i watched the Inbetweeners because i actually haven't seen all the series and want to before i watch the film and
i mostly read maps and google directions out to my dad whilst he drove us up and down the country : )

September is set to be another busy one. I move to uni in two weeks but before that i have another weekend away (3 in a row spent in a tent now!) and a little visit to my Grandparents.
Luckily i've managed to acquire almost everything i needed but i still have some bits and bobs to gather up which are proving very hard to find.
Thank god i'm now unemployed because trying to do all this and work would have actually killed me!

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