Monday, 26 September 2011


Fancy Dress; i went with the easy option and geeked up.
Spending my food money on new nail varnish: good idea!
UV Night, i covered myself in paint and it didn't even glow; lame.
Quavers, my power source : )

It's been a hectic week! Between Welcome Week Lectures and Socialising i've barely had time to wash or eat or even call home.
It has been amazing though and i'm glad to report that i am now extremely settled into my halls with 5 lovely flat mates. Today was my first proper day of lectures and i only had one this morning so quite easy really.
Still feels very much like a holiday.

My room here is piss tiny and quite dark so lord knows how i'm gonna do outfit posts but i will find a way! I will! I must!
Any ideas on how to tackle the space issue are welcome, like if you blogged/are blogging at uni and had the same problem, y'know, help me, please.

I've missed this quite a bit, i mean i've been reading all my blogs as much as possible but i have really missed writing and documenting my crazy life : )


  1. You actually look really pretty in that top pic lol!
    Glad you're having a good time!

  2. loving your glasses and super awesome spotted nails!