Thursday, 1 September 2011

0 to 60

okay so my life has gone from very quiet and normally quite boring to OHMYFUCKIHAVENOTIMEFORANYTHING.

I just got back from my weekend away (amazing time was had!!) and now i have 12 hours before i'm off away again for another weekend of camping and pretending i'm a person from the 1640's.
Then when i get back i have 5 days at home before another weekend away which i MUST spend making things and packing for uni.
Oh yeah, UNIVERSITY, i move there in all of two bloody weeks!

I'm having more fun than you can shake a stick at but blimey, i'm a bit stressed. I guess i just wanted to say i haven't forgotten about my commitment to posting very narcissistic pictures of myself and talking about all my fashunz and normal service will resume soon. My monthly roundup post will come a few days late but hopefully jam-friggin-packed full of pictures and words : )

 until next time, when hopefully i'll have more than 5 mins to write a post - ciao bellas!

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