Thursday, 25 August 2011


I actually haven't stopped today. Well, except for now, so i could write this. But as soon as i hit post i have to start packing for the weekend so all in all, not much of a break : ) Basically i worked my last day at my job yesterday and decided to spend my first day of unemployment baking lovely things to eat whilst i laze about in my tent this weekend, drinking and enjoying awesome company. I made Chocolate, Lime and Chilli Bread
& Triple Chocolate Brownies
In all honesty if this little stash and my bottle of rum don't see me through this weekend then something is wrong. I'm off to reenact the English Civil War, which is my hobby of 20 years now and i'm not even a tiny bit ashamed or apologetic. People seem to think that it's geeky and boring but trust me when i say it is awesome! I know a lot of fellow Brits will be spending their weekends at either Reading or Leeds festivals (essentially the same as my weekend except swap the music for history) and i hope that's amazing for those going. Pretty sure it's just a standard weekend for the rest of the world but wherever you are and whatever you're doing i hope it is bloody wonderful! Until Wednesday - Peace!


  1. This sounds fantastic! I would think chocolate and chili go smashing together, but lime??? must try!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. mmm that looks delicious! wow a civil war reenactment! i have never seen one of those live but its really cool that youre into that. sounds like you got a really fun weekend ahead of you! :)