Sunday, 14 August 2011

Time is a Bitch

I feel like i went to sleep on the 1st of August and have woken up two weeks into it with a vague sense that i may have been doing things but it was probably just a dream
I mean come on, two weeks!?! SRSLY?

I thought I'd been very busy but as it happens i think i've just been quite busy, very tired and somewhat stressed. I blame it all on University and all the planning and organising i seem to constantly be doing at the moment. It comes as no shock to me that the student population gets uber wild on Freshers Week if this is the level of stress that they all have to deal with. God knows that for the week beginning September 19th my happiness and relaxation will only be found in the bottom of a bottle of rum/wine/tequila or a large packet of chili/cheese/original Doritos.
It's unhealthy i know, but you only live once, and i'll get back on the straight and narrow soon enough. (HA!)

I'm also going to be honest and say my silence has been due, in part, to sheer laziness. I've had a few oppertunities to take outfit pictures but i have a constant supply of reasons not to going through my head. I think that all my reasons/excuses are all linked and the tiredness etc. lead to the laziness etc. and it's all been a bit of a viscious circle.

I'm going to shutup now and leave you with my scincerest apologies and the promise of a beautful post ASAP which hopefully means tomorrow : )


  1. I always think it's best not to blog if you don't feel like it, rather than force something you aren't keen on. Looking forward to seeing your posts again!

    P.S. I hope you don't mind I nabbed a photo of you for my blogger feature here:


  2. totally agree with that philosphy! If i don't want to do it, the posts just come off as half assed and insincere.
    gotta say though i am looking forward to my future posts too : )

    oh and mind? MIND? you have got to be kidding me, i'm freaking honoured lovely, thanks for the mention! xxx