Monday, 15 August 2011

Skirt & Scarf


Forgive the SHITTY quality of the photo, my lighting is non existent when the sun is tucked behind mammoth rain clouds, i really should invest in a big ass lamp. Oh, and excuse my face, i was just uncomfortable in front of my camera today, too long an absence i guess.
I've neglected my scarf collection this year, i have tons of them and it was always my thing. I was never seen scarf-less, ever, seriously, it was bordering on addiction.
I really need to take a close up of this belt at some point, it's real leather that i bought from a bonafide leather worker and it's beautifully embossed!

I've got a pretty busy couple days ahead of me (so glad i slept a lot this weekend, cos i ain't getting it now!) but on Wednesday i'm having a stupidly girly night in with a friend, she thinks i was kidding about underwear clad pillow fights and i really wasn't : ) We're gonna talk about boys and their cooties whilst listening to show tunes and painting our nails and the point of me saying this is that i will take pictures to post on Thursday so see y'all then!


  1. Cute! What kind of shoes did you wear? I imagine you wore boots or ballerina flats.

  2. thank you lovelies : )

    and mslitta i did indeed wear ballerina flats with this although i think if i wear it again when it get's colder i'll go for cowboy boots or something simillar! x

  3. I really like this look! And don't apologise for the photo quality, mine are always rubbish lol!

  4. Hey morgaine you are amazing, do you have an email address? i need to share something with you, it's not creepy i swear!! i had an apiphany the other day thanks to your blog, and i just wanted to say thank you.

    my email is if you fancied saying hello :)

    love the blog btw xxx

  5. ca-ute!