Friday, 19 August 2011



So yesterday, for the first time in what seems like forever i consciously layered up. It was grey and wet out and i was spending my night in with a lovely friend so i guess comfort was the name of the game. I just realised; my clolour choices pretty much perfectly matched the weather!
Now it seems to me that everyone in England has had a proper little complain about this summer and how "we haven't really had one". Now we might not have had weeks of scorching heat waves but i for one am thankful for that! And the weather hasn't been bad at all. It's been humid as fuck for months (i won't get into my hatred for humidity...) the temps. have been warm and we've had some lovely clear days. I was actually cold last night, i'd forgotten what that felt like!
Weather rant over, this outfit and my reasons for wearing made me realise how much i'm looking forward to Autumn/Winter and wearing 4 layers and boots and thick fabric, i'm very excited : )

Anyone else looking forward to it as much as me? Help me out here people, i'm a bit worried i might be the only one!


  1. i ADORE autumn/winter. the cold, the rosy cheeks, the layers, the scarves, no sticky heat, just amazing!

    you are not alone my dear :D xx

  2. oh yes sweetie, I'm really looking forward to fall and all the fall fashion in store! love your studded belt! I'm defiantely following!