Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Waves for Days

Back Story:
My hair is naturally thick and dead straight. Meaning that a lot of people take it upon themselves to tell me how jealous they are and how lucky i am whilst i continue to wish i was born with Rihanna's current 'do.
And also meaning that i have spent the last 10 years desperately searching for a way to curl/wave my hair that lasts more than 10 minuites (perms excluded!)

I've tried a selection of things, heated rollers, pin curls, tongs (toni and guy wide barrelled tong is waste of time amd money people - don't do it!) but nothing gave me the results i wanted.
Until i bought this:
The Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand. Or in my eyes, The Magical Wonder Wand.
I did my research with this one, read tons of reviews and compared prices, ummed and ahhhed over it until pay day came and i took the plunge.
Now i've used it a few times and have got my technique down (no more burnt fingers, yeahh) i couldn't be happier with my purchase. It might not give my Woopi Goldberg in Sister Act 1 Close to Afro Luciousness but i can do a variety of waves, all of which last on my hair for at least 24 hours in normal conditions.

I definately reccommend this beauty to anyone looking for a good styling tool. Like i mentioned, it takes a while and a couple minor burns to get your technique down but after that it is *does Epic Meal Time Voice* Waves for Days Son!


  1. Wow, your hair looks amazing! I'm very tempted to buy one myself, from what you say it seems to be so worth it! I was very surprised about the price too, I thought it would be way more.


  2. without a doubt totally worth it : )
    my only advice is watch how high you set the temp. because i set it to 200 to begin with a frazzed my hair. But mine is very bleached at the ends so if yours is less processed then it could be fine.x

  3. This looks so foxy! I wish I could master curling wands.

  4. looks awesome. That's a seriously good lasting time, mine fall out after about an hour. I straighten my natural messy curls then recurl them neater. Madness.

    Totally wanting one of those now!

  5. These are nice and really natural, they always look a bit spirally when I do it with my ghd's x

  6. You're hair looks great! I need to get one of those.

  7. thanks for the comments ladieees : ) x

  8. Love the curls... and your makeup! Really pretty!

  9. Looks awesome! Ive have the same issue as you with curling my hair this may be my remindy!! Thanks!

    Annest X