Monday, 26 September 2011


Fancy Dress; i went with the easy option and geeked up.
Spending my food money on new nail varnish: good idea!
UV Night, i covered myself in paint and it didn't even glow; lame.
Quavers, my power source : )

It's been a hectic week! Between Welcome Week Lectures and Socialising i've barely had time to wash or eat or even call home.
It has been amazing though and i'm glad to report that i am now extremely settled into my halls with 5 lovely flat mates. Today was my first proper day of lectures and i only had one this morning so quite easy really.
Still feels very much like a holiday.

My room here is piss tiny and quite dark so lord knows how i'm gonna do outfit posts but i will find a way! I will! I must!
Any ideas on how to tackle the space issue are welcome, like if you blogged/are blogging at uni and had the same problem, y'know, help me, please.

I've missed this quite a bit, i mean i've been reading all my blogs as much as possible but i have really missed writing and documenting my crazy life : )

Friday, 16 September 2011


Went to a friend's gig last night. Hadn't had my eardrums torn to shreds by live hardcore in a while and plus my beautiful friend Lauren was there so i got to say farewell to her.
Put together what i thought was a crackin' outfit but i've packed my tripod so decided to focus on detail shots of a few things.


I'm so i love with the skull and axes earring. I found it with some beads and buttons; turns out it used to be my dad's! From back in his biker/rocker/punk days. The rest of of the ear stuff is fairly standard and for those interested i'm wearing a Doroth Perkins dress and an Evil Twin shirt from ASOS.

In other news i am all packed up and ready to move into my new room at uni tomorrow. Just have to pack away this beast of a laptop and i'm done. Tonight i'm off to my Grandparent's house which is pretty much the halfway point distance wise, we're going out for a meal to celebrate a couple of birthdays and my move into higher education and hopefully doing something worthwhile with my life :)
I'll probably be offline for a couple of days whilst i settle in but should be back in full force by the middle of next week.
Wish me luck 'all!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


As many of you lovely readers may know, i'm off to university at the end of this week.
I'm moving into uni managed accommodation aka halls and i've just started some serious packing today.

The closer it gets, the more real it feels. I guess subconsciously i'd convinced myself that nothing was changing and that i'd go on living my comfy little life i've spent two years building, with my friends and family neatly wrapped around me like a big warm blanket.
But i'm getting so very conscious of the fact that i now have 3 days left of living here and soon i'll be writing this blog and living my life out of a new room in a new city.
I had a leaving dinner with two friends last night, i held it together for my time with them but cried like a baby as soon as i got home.
Bottom line is, i'm scared.
This is scary.

But i know it's just the "jump" that's scary and once i'm in free fall i'll be fine.

I'm not really sure why i'm writing this. Just needed to get it out i suppose, without a flurry of immediate vocal responses. I appreciate people's reassurances, i do, but sometimes it doesn't matter what people say; it is what it is and you feel how you feel.

Random Post Over.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Party Like It's 1649

I spent the early part of this week (amongst other things) making a fancy 17th century outfit for the party i went to last night. I've mentioned my reenactment hobby and i guess this post is where that hobby crosses paths with this one in the most beautiful and fluid way : )

In the 1640's it was all about having a short straight torso with major clevage and big-ass child bearing hips. Well, clevage is not my strong point but child bearing hips? Oh yeah, i can do those!
Because i had a small amount of time i decided to just make stays and a skirt in some pretty nice but completely fake silk!

Stays or A Pair of Stays is a 17th century corset. Back then it counted as underwear so wearing them alone isn't authentic but there were no paying public at the party so screw authenticity, i'll dance in my undies if i wants to!

These are from day one of the process, before i cut my thumb open trimming my steel boning to size : /

And these are from just after i finished hand sewing the last few details on; late at night, hence the flash!

I didn't take any pictures of the skirt whilst i was making it because it only took my a couple of hours and i just wanted to get it all finished! With so much stuff going on in my life at the moment it was actually really good to just sit down and make something completely selfishly!

This is what i looked like yesterday evening with all the finished garments on (the white under-dress is called a shift, i owned it already, i think i'd have gone nuts if i'd of had to make that up to!) The sun was shockingly bright so i look a bit daft in the pictures but whatever, you can still see the clothes :)


So there you have it, a 1640's OOTD! Including a glimpse at the making process. I hope i didn't geek out too much for y'all. I'm really quite a massive history nerd and get especially giddy over old school fashion so, yeah, fingers crossed i still managed to entertain and keep you interested!

Monday, 5 September 2011


I'm convinced this is a lie, i'm convinced someone is fucking with me, i'm convinced that it is in fact not the start of September but at the very most the first days of July.
I feel robbed. August went so quickly it was virtually non existent.

Except it did exist and it fleeting though it may have been, it was beautiful.

Not many pictures taken, mostly due to it being hectic (my lack of OOTD's is appaling!) These represent some of the things i've been up to fairly well: girly nights in with friends, braiding my hair in new ways, baking, reenacting with gorgeous people and eating lots of oddly shaped home grown veggies!

I've spent a lot of August away from home or at home preparing for university and i have been terrible at managing my time. Blogging is a really important part of my life but it;s something i like to put quite a bit of planning and effort into so unfortunately when things suddenly become very hectic and crazy it gets a bit left behind. I know i'm going to be busy at uni. but hopefully i'll have some sort of routine which means i can continue to blog regularly, it might just take a couple weeks for that all to fall into place.

My list of "Entertainment" for August is short and sweet because i didn't have the time to read or watch tv or discover new music. So basically i had:
John Mayer's Continuum and various Black Key's albums playing as background music,
on my rare spare evenings i watched the Inbetweeners because i actually haven't seen all the series and want to before i watch the film and
i mostly read maps and google directions out to my dad whilst he drove us up and down the country : )

September is set to be another busy one. I move to uni in two weeks but before that i have another weekend away (3 in a row spent in a tent now!) and a little visit to my Grandparents.
Luckily i've managed to acquire almost everything i needed but i still have some bits and bobs to gather up which are proving very hard to find.
Thank god i'm now unemployed because trying to do all this and work would have actually killed me!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

0 to 60

okay so my life has gone from very quiet and normally quite boring to OHMYFUCKIHAVENOTIMEFORANYTHING.

I just got back from my weekend away (amazing time was had!!) and now i have 12 hours before i'm off away again for another weekend of camping and pretending i'm a person from the 1640's.
Then when i get back i have 5 days at home before another weekend away which i MUST spend making things and packing for uni.
Oh yeah, UNIVERSITY, i move there in all of two bloody weeks!

I'm having more fun than you can shake a stick at but blimey, i'm a bit stressed. I guess i just wanted to say i haven't forgotten about my commitment to posting very narcissistic pictures of myself and talking about all my fashunz and normal service will resume soon. My monthly roundup post will come a few days late but hopefully jam-friggin-packed full of pictures and words : )

 until next time, when hopefully i'll have more than 5 mins to write a post - ciao bellas!