Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well, first things first: Happy New Year!
As over done and cliched as it sounds i can't believe we're in 2012 already! It seems like just yesterday when it was the millennium and my life revolved around hair brades and watching rugrats...

I celebrated in style last night at one of my favourite pubs ever; The Old Firehouse in Exeter. If you're ever in the area pop in and have some delicious and huge stone baked pizza and a bottle of house wine (that between two would cost you £6.45 each, not bad eh!?!?). It was a vintage themed party so i decided to go all 1940's-y for the occasion, i thought there would be some hardcore fancy dress going on but there was only a handful who were obviously seriously committed :)

I absolutely adore getting dressed up, especially when there's some kind of theme that gives me a reason to wear vintage make-up (not that i need a reason, it's just nice to have one!) I managed to pull this outfit together in a 3 hour rush around town on New Year's Eve, the top was a fiver, the shoes were £7 and i already owned the rest.
It pissed it down with rain as i left so i ended up wearing flat suede loafer type shoes and a fur coat to avoid turning into a big mess.

I got a bit carried away with editing and kept stumbling across effects i liked. I'm a bit of a vintage photo freak so i was trying to make these look like all the old photographs of my grandma i have :)

Back to talking about New Years. I had a lovely time with beautiful people and i've had a really nice, relaxed day today ao 2012 thus far, is filling 2011's big, BIG shoes quite well, but we are only 24 hours in so i'll try not to get to carried away.

I don't do resolutions but i have decided to keep a diary again for the whole of this year and i'm also doing a project365 to try and encourage some more self taught photography techniques!
I hope you all had an amazing NYE and i wish everyone all the luck and love and joy and peace for 2012, i know i'm excited for whatever it is that's next: Let The Good Times Roll!


  1. happy new year! you look really gorgeous :) xx

  2. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I've never really been to keen on that skirt but seeing the way you put this outfit together really makes me love it!


  3. thank-you lovely ladies :) xxx

  4. You look AMAZING! Happy New Year bb x