Saturday, 31 December 2011


My 12th and final Monthly Roundup. I can't believe it has been a year! It's a tradition i've enjoyed and stuck to with OCD like passion but for 2012 i've decided to maybe do a weekly or bi-weekly thing. To encourage a less spaced put but still regular post and also because the world could end at any second so i need to leave less time between summaries of my life :)

December 2011 mostly consisted of assessments and Christmas for me but the last couple weeks in particular have been lovely! I've either been at home in Exeter or at my Grandparent's house, i've done virtually none of the work i have 10 days to finish and i have been eating pretty much anything in a 2 meter radius of my mouth. I got to see lots of friends too, who i'm sure have felt entirely lost since i went to uni!

A shopping trip with Sammy-Jo: New Uni Friend Extraordinaire.

3 shots of "Uni. Xmas". I cooked a huge meal for my flat before we exchanged pressies and got superbly drunk!

3 Views from Home.

 Christmas Day, when i covered myself in glitter and flowers, got my grandma drunk and danced with her in the kitchen to Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. It was amazing!

I guess that sums up December pretty well. It's been a good month, slow and stressful start with a mellow middle and sparkly finish (i am covering myself in glitter tonight!).

I do have one unseen OOTD to share with y'all, from Christmas Day when (well within my rights as baby of the family) i basically played dress up:

As previously mentioned i danced around the kitchen with my Grandma in this but i also had a bit of a rum induced rave with my cousin during which i tried desperately to convince her that this outfit made me look like Rhianna...

In a kind of non-direct probably only makes sense to me way, this outfit sums up my style in 2011, i wore whatever i wanted. I did my best to ignore all "rules" and try things i never did before. For example i am now the proud owner of several skin tight black skirts and at least 2 striped jumpers, STFU fashion rules!

2011 was so amazing, i'm not sure i want to try and explain, i'll probably just mess it up.
I'm eternally grateful for this year and i eagerly await the next one!

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