Monday, 26 December 2011

Blogging Day

Yeah, i am re-naming Boxing Day!

Just thought i'd share a few Christmas pictures, i sparsely documented my day with Instagram which i have become re-addicted to of late, i think it might be the ease of using it when there is a high speed wireless Internet connection (something my Uni, sadly, does not offer!).

I was extremely lucky to get the most amazing set of pressies this year! Everything from a LUSH gift card to beautiful quilted blanket and of course enough edibles to feed me for the rest of winter :)

I hope everyone else had an amazing day or if you're yet to celebrate then i hope it goes well! I ended up drinking a jug of rum, lime and lemonade, covering myself in glitter and flowers and raving it up with my cousin before calming down and watching the Inbetweeners Movie - Genius!


  1. Gorgeous pictures I am also seriously, irrevocably addicted to instagram also!

  2. i actually don't think i can stop! :) x