Saturday, 10 December 2011


Friday is the only weekday that i don't have lectures this semester so this week i decided to go a bit nuts and spend the day in Birmingham. Normally i spend it in pajamas!
The Frankfurt Christmas Market is on sooo, on top of all the usual shopping brum has to offer there was Gl├╝hwein and lights and homemade awesome stuff :)

I headed up on the train with a flatmate and we spent the whole day walking around, i introduced her t the wonders of the Selfridges and warm krispy kremes, NOM. We were pretty much frozen solid by the end of the day and my feet were seconds away from falling off but it was worth it. I got so much xmas shopping done!


Where to begin with this outfit. I love it, all of it! And so much is new.
The is the coat i've been meaning to post on forever, it's wool blend and warm and beautiful and it cost the grand total of £10, no one can understand the love i currently have for Primark sales!!! Speaking of Primark, the tights are the super cosy ones they sell, i had to cut the feet open and wear them as leggings because my legs are stupidly long but they didn't disapoint, my legs were toasty all day.
I was wearing a lot of layers and wool so i wanted to soften it up a bit with the chiffon-y Tesco top, i really like how it came out and i know the pictures aren't fantastic but i'm sure y'all can kinda see what i mean, right?!?!

After my day out blowing savings and not doing work it is back to the grind today, hello essays and line learning! On a plus note however i go home to Devon a week today and i will, like last time, be posting tons!!

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