Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Managed to pursaude Dad to take some photos of me in Grandma's garden whilst we were out having a ciggie. Guess being the only 2 smokers in the family has it's perks! I've tried to relax since arriving here yesterday but i'm itching to get my uni. work done even though i can easily get it done post the xmas carngae! I'm getting impatient for presents tooo, wich doesn't exactly make it easy to switch off  :)


Another easy and cosy winter outfit. I bloody love this cardigan, H&M certainly has it;s moments of pure genius. It's so very colourful that i amost always wear it with all black but i'm living out of a very full suitcase here and my truly black jeans didn't make it although two paris of dark blue did!

We're having roast number one tonight consitsing of gammon (we have 3 every christmas: from xmas eve to boxing day, me and my grandma are cooking machines!) and after that it'll be films in front of the very small telly and then sleep. One More Sleep!!!!!

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