Thursday, 22 December 2011

the shortest day of the year


holiday rulez stipulate i must make an awesum picture on paint!

My Dad, in all his beardy wisdom and glory, is a wiccan, soooo; me and him do the whole Yule thing. We never make a huge fuss and for me a lot of it is an excuse to spend proper time with my Daddy (even more so now i'm no longer living at home). On occasion we go out and we have done the sunrise shindig before but more often than not we exchange one gift each, cook and eat a big fatty meal and then chat or watch telly or play scrabble (all accompanied by wine or port or whatever booze is in the house!).

This year i made what can only be described as an super huge and tasty Italian inspired feast and it was proper lovely. I took a bunch of instagrams throughout the day so prepare to be spammed!

1 - solstice sky
2 - my brekkie
3 - present from dad
4 - roasted courgette and pepper with balsamic vinegar*
5 - prosciutto wrapped chicken stuffed with mozzarella and pesto*
6 - pesto, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella on ciabatta*

*yes i am dope at cooking, and also eating too.

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