Sunday, 11 March 2012

One Month Later...


So for various and really not very interesting reasons it has been exactly one month since i last posted. And i just realised that the weather in my last post was sunny like this one, but don't be fooled into thinking we've had a month of pure spring, oh no, this is England my friends, that just doesn't happen (all though we are technically in a drought). I can't believe i'm making small talk on my own blog! I swear i am interesting :)

I bought this top years ago in the first ever ASOS Curve sale i raided and i have barely worn it but i'm loving the print s much i've worn it twice this week! I decided to pair it with this skirt because i've actually been living in jeans, leggings or joggers of late and i fancied a bit of a change :D
Pretty much everything else you see is standard, so i guess this is a post dedicated to my top half!

I'm currently tyring to make my blog layout a bit nicer/cooler or whatever so if it;s all a bit messy, apologies :) i'm gonna make a new header and an about me, i just have to find the time to do it between uni, life and catching up on TV, like New Girl and Spartacus Vengeance (polar opposite tv shows right??)


  1. Cute outfit. Love the top! ^^d
    Very nice print. <3
    Wish we had some sunshine here too.
    *looks out the window and sees nuffin but clouds and rain* ^^;
    Hope you had a good weekend. ^^d

  2. The floral print of this top is great, hope it stays sunny so we can all get the pretty prints out. I love New Girl too, is it wrong that I fancy Schidt a little bit?

    You look lovely as always!

  3. thanks for the comments lovelies :)

    i hope it styas sunny/gets sunny for everyone and @Gemma i totally have a wee crush on him too :) xxx