Monday, 20 August 2012

11 things

The beautiful Sarah from Love your Lumps (Click the damn link! Please!) tagged me in one of her recent posts.
It's one of those things where you say stuff about you and write some questions and tag the people who you want answers from.
And in theory, if you're not supaa lazy like me, it's a great way to get to know followers whilst giving insight into your self.
But like i said.
I'm lazy.
So what I do is answer the questions & then openly encourage all of you to post comments with your thoughts/replies/hate mail.

Thanks to Sarah for the taggage. Hope these answers are satisfactory! :)

If you could change one thing in you life what would it be?
I'd like to not have to panic about money. Not just my own but my family's as well. But I think most people feel that way.

To be honest though, i'm pretty damn privileged so i'm not gonna bitch and moan.

What 3 things would you take on a desert island?
 I'm going to guess that there is a source of drinkable water and some kind of food so my answer is based on that. I'm also not sticking to the boundaries of what is actually possible.
ipod with unlimited battery life
a unicorn, so i can ride around my island on it, naked apart from my long hair and sea shell jewellery
shit loads of books

What's you Big Dream?
I'm not one of those people who made a choice at age 4 and half to be a vet or whatever and stuck to it. When i was 9 i wanted to be a Pro Wrestler. Age 11 it was a Marine Biologist. At one point I considered air traffic control along with doctor, astronaut, pirate (still want that one), cosmonaut, cowboy, space ranger, mascot for an american football team, childcare assistant, musician and briefly, prison guard.
I still don't know what i want out of life, and that's cool.
But i guess whatever i end up doing, wherever that may be, i would like some semblance of peace and general happiness.
Second to that, i want a pair of glittery Dr martens.

If you could be any Celebrity who would it be?
I honestly can't think of a person. There are some people out there who look like their lives are the shit, or who present a really kick ass personality to "the general public" but i don't trust that it's that simple.
I know this question isn't gonna suddenly happen but i don't want to sit here and say i want to be
Tom Hardy (amazing actor, seems legit sincere, also i fancy being a bloke for a while)
and then boom, wake up in his body and life sucks.
Like what if he's allergic to eggs or some shit, i can't have that!

What talent would you love to have?
Like, ALL the dancing.
Or maybe fantastic marksmanship. Because that kind of doubles as a super power, and then i could be Hawkeye.

If you won the Lottery what are the first 3 things you would buy?
Pirate Ship.
Expensive Tequila.
A Holiday.

If you could have been born with any type of hair what would it be?
I always, ALWAYS wanted that 90's loose curl perm hair. Still do.

Would you live in the Country or the City and which one?
I get on fine in either but i really am a countryside-r at heart. I start to lose it if i'm in urban areas for too long.
I need cows and fields and shit.

Do you have any names chosen for you future kids? What would be your Boy and Girl choice?
I have two middle names. For a girl, May, after my grandma. And James for a boy, after my grandad. And i don't care if my future boyfriend/husband/pro-creation partner in crime has middle names picked out too. James & May, those fuckers are in. Which means if i have kids, they'll end up being the ones with 3 middle names. And i am not even sorry!

What is your clothing style, who's would you like?
My clothing style is "Ohhh, that's cool/nice/awesome, i'll buy it and wear it" I really can't pin it down.
Gwen Stefani is a goddess.
and current Miley Cyrus always seems to be wearing stuff i like.
Nicole Richie as well.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of you life what would it be?
With no consequences.
Probably cheesecake.
Ask me tomorrow for a different answer :)


  1. Loved this, interesting questions & a nice little insight. May have to do this!

    1. I think you should! It's kinda fun and has a kinda myspace-y feel to it. Throwback!! :) x