Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beauty Post: Holographic


You've probably gotten the general idea of just how much of a glitter freak i am by now, if you've been with me for a while :)
But this is whole other universe.
It's glitter, it's rainbows, it's freakin love in a bottle.

Even the girl on the till at H&M was all "Where did you find this?? It's amazing"
I kinda just had to be all Monica Geller-Bing on her and say "I KNOW!" because i genuinely had a blackout. All i remember is picking it up and thinking "I'm buying this." No clue where in the shop i was or how long i had stared at it or anything.

I think you need a good couple of layers to make the H&M one really work its magic and to be honest you need several of the Barry M. But layer the latter over the H&M and boy do you get a party!!

Thoughts on glitter nail varnish? Share the musings people!!
My only issue: removal. Tips would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. i have a tip for you :) soak cotton wool/pad into the remover not the acetone free one thats shit press it firmly down on your nail and wrap around with tinfoil and leave it on all your nails for 10 minutes and it should come of pretty easily :)

    it looks awesome!

    rosie xx

    1. so that's the tin foil method! I'd heard people mention tin foil and i had no clue how it factored into the process. I'm trying that out ASAP, thank-you millions rosie dear!!! :) xxx

  2. great nail-polish can I make matching with my beautiful uniform ?????