Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Milk It


Well this morning it was super hot and then just now it rained like typhoon season and got cold so my summer-y sleeveless OOTD turned into a winter one quicker than you can say "Fucking Weather".
For the record, it is now boiling hot again!

I'm off to see Brave this evening so i didn't backcomb my hair as much as i wanted to, i don't want to obscure anyones view y'know!

I achieve this 90's teenager look by sleeping with braids in and using a lot of cheap hairspray, it's my favourite :)

There's so much going on in the next two weeks i'm gonna be mad busy and probably without Internet until the 20th of September.
So basically this week & next week i'm gonna spam you guys as much as possible and then things might be sporadic whilst i move into my new place and have to bum Internet from coffee shops/libraries etc


  1. I know I hate this weather atm too it makes dressing so hard. That cardigan is very cute, and I love the DM's. Love the hair too xx

    1. kinda glad to not be alone on the weather hating :) i love this cardi, worn it do death. For sure worth the cheap primark pricing! Glad you like the outfit!! xxx

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