Friday, 17 August 2012

Edinburgh Baby!

I have some amazing friends.
Made evident by the events that led me to have a free 3 days in Edinburgh the other week.

Long Story Short.
If someone* offers you a free lift and 3 paid for nights in a hostel.
Don't turn it down.
Get in their car, get in their car and never look back.

*exceptions - if that someone is unsavoury or shifty lookin', in the words of MJ, do think twice.

Because my trip was so very last minute, despite the Fringe being on i didn't see any theatre. I decided to use my time to chill out. It's not that the last couple months has been manic or anything, quite the opposite, but a bit of time to check in with yo' self is always valuable and lord knows the next couple months will be crazy, so i'm logging in those chill out hours now!

I visited Holyrood Park, strolled around Edinburgh City Centre (a-lot), hit up the National Museum and managed to spend one evening with the friend who took me up there (she was visiting her sister so i was kinda dropped off and left to my own devices mostly).

Our evening out was one of the best i've had in a long time. After meeting up we left to find somewhere to eat and just as we did torrential, crazy ass rain started. Because we were wet and cold we dived into the first good looking restaurant we saw which turned out to be an amazing Italian (after an extensive google session i'm 99% it was The Patio on Hanover St.) and then we headed to Jekyll & Hyde for drinks and some free comedy. The pub is a must see if you're ever in the area, it's a Halloween lovers paradise, you have to go through a book case door to get to the loo! The comedy we saw was hilarious and because i am a walking cliche of a drama student i ended up "on stage", typical!

Anyway, before i get stupidly caught up in sharing every last detail.
I'll stop.

I had an amazing time.
And i fucking love random opportunities.


  1. I just tagged you in a post if you would like to check it out? x:)

  2. That first shot of you is gorgeous, glad you had a good time

    1. thanks chick :) bit of hostel mirrir vanity!! It's good to see you back around these parts by the way. You were quiet there for a while.x

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