Wednesday, 20 April 2011

OOTD: Oh Bee-Hive

Yeah, that's the name i came up with and i am sticking to it, like glue.

So i decided that i put together a good look today and i'd do whatever it took to post it : ) It's pretty difficult; hanging your camera off a bed-post & trying to get a clean shot, but i did it, just.


This dress is the prettiest, comfiest, easiest dress to wear. I wore it on my flight here, i wore it the other day, i'm wearing it now. Ughhhh, i love it! This is the navy/white stripe, i'd love if i could have it in a black/white a black/camel and maybe a mint green/white too, H&M MAKETHESENOW!
Shoes and Tights are standard.
As you can see i went for a bit of a 60's vibe, got my beehive and did me some fe-liner. (feline-eyeliner, get it!?!)

and i also, had me a little twist:

Ahhhh, don't you just love it when i dance in my OOTD's : )


  1. I'm loving this dress on you! Looks super cute :) May have to invest for myself.


  2. thanks ladies : )

    and alliejayne, DO IT! for the money and amount of wear this dress has been one of my best additions to my wardrobe.x

  3. Cute dress and I love your hair like this. Really suits you!

  4. ooh the 60's suits you! i looove the fe-liner lol

  5. Yesss, I love the beehive. They used to be the really big thing here in Baltimore (HAIRSPRAY/ John Waters?? Hon! Yea!!) You look very pretty, the dress: amaze, and the fe-liner, so cute!

  6. I'm cracking up at that last picture& you look gorgeous in the second one! I need that dress in my life.

  7. thanks steph!

    and ZAG : )
    i friggin love hairspray, good morning baltimore.x

  8. i really love your hair and make up in this, and the dress looks really lovely and comfortable :) xx

  9. You are so adorable! Everything about this outfit is so great.