Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter Sunday

Easter = a holiday i often forget is religious.
"Oh, Jesus died and then came back to life? I thought it was just all chocolate and shit."

I'd never had a peep before this Easter, woop for sugar.

After two days of perfect spring weather we are now once again under a blanket of grey here, that's not a complaint though, just an observation!
This morning i went to the family brunch of the people i am staying with, i stayed pretty quiet and ate my amazing french toast (with bacon, i don't get 'mericans) but everyone was really lovely and welcoming. The place we ate at was at the Fisherman's Terminal, which, just to let you know, is where they keep the Deadliest Catch boats in the non fishing season.

I am now entering my last full week in Seattle. And whilst i am more than ready to be at home, i will miss this city, yessir.
It is very difficult to explain how much this trip has given me & how much i think it will continue to give even after i leave.
I've been keeping a journal, expressing myself in words and drawings. Some is my own original stuff, some is lyrics and sentences i've stumbled across whilst here that i felt summed up a feeling or thought i was having.
I'm really looking forward to doing my monthly round-up post and i'm also going to do a separate Seattle post.
I want to share what this trip has given me so it will be word heavy but there will be pictures too, samples from my journal, photos i have taken & images i have found.
I am so excited to share my real journey with you lovelies : )


  1. HAHAHA!! Yeah, Easter is like that for me too. I hate Peeps! I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say about the good ole u.s. of a.! I'd really like to know about the cultural/social differences you experienced in Seattle. Thanks for sharing

  2. ^^^ What she said :)