Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Shopping in Seattle: Vol. 2

Sunday just gone i went on a very little spree at Southcenter. Which is a mall about 20 minutes south of Seattle.

At this point i'd like to mention that i do have a budget for this trip out of which i set myself targets on a day to day basis. This sounds silly because i'm on holiday and i should be careless and have fun right? Well, yeah. But girl needs to eat. If i went bat shit crazy with my finances i'd be living off table scraps by now and doing nought but window shopping.

So anyway, i buzzed around the place pretty quickly and left with three shiny new things (four if you count the cheesecake slice, but that didn't last long not even long enough to be papped).

Sunglasses - H&M around $8

Shoes - Torrid - $48

Top - Forever 21 - $17
Sunglasses were the only nice thing i found in H&M, dunno if it was a bad store or if i just wasn't in the right mood but nothing stood out. They kinda make up for it though because as sad as it is, i am in love with them so much!

The shoes were one of the three good things about Torrid. I don't want to be writing it but it's true. I really can't stand they clothes they're selling. The shoes i bought, another pair i wanted and the staff were the shop's three redeeming qualities. I mean i dislike the clothes so much i can't even grasp how the the shop assistants managed to look so good assuming they were wearing Torrid (fair assumption i think). But negativity aside these shoes are lush and the staff were lovely. (i'm terrible with names so this could be wrong) Jessica?!?! was who i spent a long time chatting to and she said she might check out the blog so shout out to her if she's reading!
Oh one other good thing, i got to use the $5 off card i got at Plus London so i basically paid no tax, happy days.

The top is from the F21 main range, not F21 + because there wasn't a cute thing in the small section they had. It's a 3/4 sleeve crop top that i'm gonna wear with high waisted skirts because it's too tight to be worn as a crop on me, in my opinion anyway. I basically couldn't resist the pattern and it was the last one so i was pretty happy when it turned out to be a large and even happier when it fit!

So that's it for Vol. 2. But i'm going to Pike Place for a proper shop later this week so expect a big long post very soon : D


  1. Morgaine...you are such a doll!! You were my favorite customer all weekend =) I hope you find something fabulous in Seattle besides sunglasses~haha...I am sorry our stuff was a let down...no comment ;) and thanks for not hating on my outfit!! Have a safe trip back home!!

    <3 Jessica

  2. great finds, and so true what you said about Torrid, what a shame

  3. i love those shoes, are they comfy?

  4. Miss you!!!!!
    So they actually have shoes that would fit us in Seattle,
    nice one...

    Hope you are having a great time!!!!!!

    Xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. wow you found some amazing stuff! It all looks super cool. I love your sunglasses the most!


  6. thanks for all the comments guys : D

    Jessica!! I did get your name right, yesss! You were my favourite shop assistant all weekend and i couldn't hate on your outfit, you looked cute, with your colour coordination : )

    the shoes are very comfy, which i'm gonna guess is because of the wedge and large platform, but yeah, super comf!

    and Lauren: i miss you too! and yeah, i'm not having much trouble finding shoes i want, not gonna lie.


  7. I'm SO jealous of those glasses & boots, ADORABLE!

    Frantic Dreams

  8. You look like you're having a great time! And those shoes are amazing, great buys. I was never sure of torrid on the internet either... what a shame xx

  9. Um I love & want everything! I want a little trip to the US :(

  10. Oh man, I am coveting these shoes so hard since I saw them on the site last week. I can't wait for you to use them in an outfit!

  11. hopefully you won't have to wait long, i'm making my friends take me out this weekend. It's my first weekend home after a month and i want to get my drink on : )
    i'll make sure i take pictures before i get boozing though! x