Friday, 8 April 2011

OOTD: 'suup from seattle

i wanted so desperately to alliterate and this is all i had, are there any other greetings that begin with an s? i don't think so!

Anyway; moving on.
I'm holidaying alone so i don't feel hugely pressured to pull out my best garbs, however, i went to the aquarium today and i wanted to look nice for the sealife : )


Apologies for the bin that is in shot, i was too busy trying to find a good place to set up my gorillapod and camera that i didn't notice it.
This is pretty simple and i've worn it all before, but never in this country! I'm really glad i brought thie skirt with me, mostly because it's the only thing i have to wear with all the tops i brought (i'm on the hunt for good jeans, suggestions on where to find them are welcomed!) but also because it's very comfy and easy to wear with a whole shitload of things : D
The weather here right now is a bit all over the place so i'm grateful for me nice warm tights. It's sunny but cold now, it rained earlier, it hailed yesterday, the weather forecast never quite gets it right and if it wasn't for the coffee shops on every corner that i dive into then i'd freeze walking 5 blocks down the street.
(lol wut, i just said blocks!)

Just in case anyone wants to know,  the colour i have on my nails is Barry M 262 Bright Red (i loved how this was an example item for things that need to go in a clear zip lock bag at the heathrow security checks)
It's pretty sweet and goes nicely with the Barry M red lipstick.


  1. LOL at 'Suup... I hope you're having a good time stateside! Your outfit is very comfy looking; my favorite bit is your belt. I really need a thin, tan belt, as they seem to go with everything.

    I have tagged you in my latest blog post, please check it out! xoxo

  2. Nice outfit! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself in Seattle. You should tell us more about your experiences (I'm nosy).

  3. Awww i'm sure they appreciated having someone pretty to look at and you do look pretty in that dress!