Tuesday, 26 April 2011

From the Waist Up


this is how i looked yesterday, thought i'd share with y'all because it's raining and i'm bored : )


  1. your hair looks lovely clipped up like that, and the brooch is really cute.

    aroselikethis.blogspot.com xx

  2. thankyou sweetness!

    you can buy the stuff to make brooches in a ton of bead shops now and it's so much cheaper than the cameo brooches high st stores sell!
    i really want a vintage one though.x

  3. I love your hair!! The blonde on the ends is extra cute pinned up like that. I also really like that brooch idea. I always just wear mine on a lapel or just on my shirt. Never thought of putting one on a scarf. This is a very pretty look (from the waist up, lol)

  4. thankyou lovely.
    i love to bury my brooches in scarves, i always feel like they look a bit lonely on my lapel, which probably comes from wearing 20 badges and pins on my jackets when i was a punk rock 14 year old :) x