Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Shopping in Seattle: Vol. 1

Today was beautiful in Seattle. It was a perfect Spring day, warm sun and a cool breeze, clear skies and plenty of cherry blossom.
Which is lucky because i must have walked about five miles, and I'd have still done it even if it was raining.
I'll start with pictures and then bore you with words : D
South Jackson St looking down over Chinatown, Qwest Stadium and The Puget Sound
The Puget Sound, Mountains and A Bird.
My Little Haul (Bus Ticket Included)

My main aim today was to get to Two Big Blondes consignment shop on South Jackson Street. It's about two miles from where my bus stops in Downtown Seattle and I decided the walk would do me good so armed with google maps i set off. (What google maps does not tell you however, is that S Jackson St. is one big hill that makes you sweat and drags you through Chinatown and the smell of tasty tasty food at lunch time without any thought for the fact that damn it you packed a lunch so you aint buying one.)
Any, way.
We don't have consignment shops at home (as far as i know, correct me if i'm wrong UK peepz) so i didn't know what to expect (here's a wiki for people who like me, aint got a clue). But i arrived and straight away got to work looking through the racks for pretty things to take home.
The store is quite large and pretty well laid out and i think if you reserve a good portion of your day to rifle, you can find some good things.
I ended up buying the pair of jeans pictured above and i paid $9.31, which is around £5.70, which is a bargain! There was also a full length black fur cape that i desperately wanted but A: I can't be splashing out $90 on a fur cape and B: I can't be wearing a fur cape home because my suitcase is full.
I'm pretty sold on consignment shopping, but saying that i've been a long time lover of charity shops and it aint all that different price and range wise.

So i finished up there and headed back downtown. I intended to go straight down to Waterfront Park (which is not really a park, more just a very large deck) to take pictures of the sound and mountains beyond but i stopped at the Globe Bookstore which is lovely and quaint and pretty much the perfect book shop in my mind and the owner was friendly and helpful too.
I got the books pictured above because i'm reading a whole lot here. I started reading To Kill A Mockingbird two days ago and i'm nearly done, i have read it before but that's still pretty fast, i'm turning into Matilda.

After sitting and eating my packed lunch i headed home stopping only to buy cinnamon graham crackers because the honey ones were so tasty i had to try these. And then i had a cuppa and sat down to write this post. Which i'm now going to end with a poem by Robert Herrick from The Cavalier Poets, because i like it : )

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