Thursday, 25 August 2011


I actually haven't stopped today. Well, except for now, so i could write this. But as soon as i hit post i have to start packing for the weekend so all in all, not much of a break : ) Basically i worked my last day at my job yesterday and decided to spend my first day of unemployment baking lovely things to eat whilst i laze about in my tent this weekend, drinking and enjoying awesome company. I made Chocolate, Lime and Chilli Bread
& Triple Chocolate Brownies
In all honesty if this little stash and my bottle of rum don't see me through this weekend then something is wrong. I'm off to reenact the English Civil War, which is my hobby of 20 years now and i'm not even a tiny bit ashamed or apologetic. People seem to think that it's geeky and boring but trust me when i say it is awesome! I know a lot of fellow Brits will be spending their weekends at either Reading or Leeds festivals (essentially the same as my weekend except swap the music for history) and i hope that's amazing for those going. Pretty sure it's just a standard weekend for the rest of the world but wherever you are and whatever you're doing i hope it is bloody wonderful! Until Wednesday - Peace!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Waves for Days

Back Story:
My hair is naturally thick and dead straight. Meaning that a lot of people take it upon themselves to tell me how jealous they are and how lucky i am whilst i continue to wish i was born with Rihanna's current 'do.
And also meaning that i have spent the last 10 years desperately searching for a way to curl/wave my hair that lasts more than 10 minuites (perms excluded!)

I've tried a selection of things, heated rollers, pin curls, tongs (toni and guy wide barrelled tong is waste of time amd money people - don't do it!) but nothing gave me the results i wanted.
Until i bought this:
The Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand. Or in my eyes, The Magical Wonder Wand.
I did my research with this one, read tons of reviews and compared prices, ummed and ahhhed over it until pay day came and i took the plunge.
Now i've used it a few times and have got my technique down (no more burnt fingers, yeahh) i couldn't be happier with my purchase. It might not give my Woopi Goldberg in Sister Act 1 Close to Afro Luciousness but i can do a variety of waves, all of which last on my hair for at least 24 hours in normal conditions.

I definately reccommend this beauty to anyone looking for a good styling tool. Like i mentioned, it takes a while and a couple minor burns to get your technique down but after that it is *does Epic Meal Time Voice* Waves for Days Son!

Friday, 19 August 2011



So yesterday, for the first time in what seems like forever i consciously layered up. It was grey and wet out and i was spending my night in with a lovely friend so i guess comfort was the name of the game. I just realised; my clolour choices pretty much perfectly matched the weather!
Now it seems to me that everyone in England has had a proper little complain about this summer and how "we haven't really had one". Now we might not have had weeks of scorching heat waves but i for one am thankful for that! And the weather hasn't been bad at all. It's been humid as fuck for months (i won't get into my hatred for humidity...) the temps. have been warm and we've had some lovely clear days. I was actually cold last night, i'd forgotten what that felt like!
Weather rant over, this outfit and my reasons for wearing made me realise how much i'm looking forward to Autumn/Winter and wearing 4 layers and boots and thick fabric, i'm very excited : )

Anyone else looking forward to it as much as me? Help me out here people, i'm a bit worried i might be the only one!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Skirt & Scarf


Forgive the SHITTY quality of the photo, my lighting is non existent when the sun is tucked behind mammoth rain clouds, i really should invest in a big ass lamp. Oh, and excuse my face, i was just uncomfortable in front of my camera today, too long an absence i guess.
I've neglected my scarf collection this year, i have tons of them and it was always my thing. I was never seen scarf-less, ever, seriously, it was bordering on addiction.
I really need to take a close up of this belt at some point, it's real leather that i bought from a bonafide leather worker and it's beautifully embossed!

I've got a pretty busy couple days ahead of me (so glad i slept a lot this weekend, cos i ain't getting it now!) but on Wednesday i'm having a stupidly girly night in with a friend, she thinks i was kidding about underwear clad pillow fights and i really wasn't : ) We're gonna talk about boys and their cooties whilst listening to show tunes and painting our nails and the point of me saying this is that i will take pictures to post on Thursday so see y'all then!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Time is a Bitch

I feel like i went to sleep on the 1st of August and have woken up two weeks into it with a vague sense that i may have been doing things but it was probably just a dream
I mean come on, two weeks!?! SRSLY?

I thought I'd been very busy but as it happens i think i've just been quite busy, very tired and somewhat stressed. I blame it all on University and all the planning and organising i seem to constantly be doing at the moment. It comes as no shock to me that the student population gets uber wild on Freshers Week if this is the level of stress that they all have to deal with. God knows that for the week beginning September 19th my happiness and relaxation will only be found in the bottom of a bottle of rum/wine/tequila or a large packet of chili/cheese/original Doritos.
It's unhealthy i know, but you only live once, and i'll get back on the straight and narrow soon enough. (HA!)

I'm also going to be honest and say my silence has been due, in part, to sheer laziness. I've had a few oppertunities to take outfit pictures but i have a constant supply of reasons not to going through my head. I think that all my reasons/excuses are all linked and the tiredness etc. lead to the laziness etc. and it's all been a bit of a viscious circle.

I'm going to shutup now and leave you with my scincerest apologies and the promise of a beautful post ASAP which hopefully means tomorrow : )

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I have blogged so much this month, way more than usual and almost more than any other month since i started blogging! I'm not moaning or anything though, I've felt very driven to keep posting and finding inspiration has been really easy. It does however mean that i have very few pictures to share as part of my end of the month post. I take a camera almost everywhere with me and take pictures at every opportunity but there are some that will never be blogged, (i have to have a part of my life stay private) and pretty much all those that were appropriate to share have been.
I did find a very small selection though, all at the end of the post.

Basically this month i have almost exclusively listened to:
both Fleet Foxes albums
I See A Darkness by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Fleetwood Mac's Rumours
The Reminder by Feist and
whatever dirty, filthy dub step i can get my nasty hands on : )

Bridesmaids, hilarious stuff and i re-watched Almost Famous which is without a doubt a beautiful film.

Got myself well and truly addicted to Sirens on Channel 4 and i don't know if it counts at TV but I'm the last week i have discovered Epic Meal Time and it's fairly safe to say i am a huge fan!

July has been an almost book free month. I desperately need suggestions for new reading materials, please help!

I'm freaking out now it's August, in two months I'll be living away from home for the first time, I'll be at university, I'll be committing myself to a lifetime of debt, I'll be doing all these big scary things that for the last few moths have seemed so far away! However, despite the fact I'm pretty much bricking it, I'm still going to enjoy the rest of the summer as much as humanly possible. This year has been the best in, dare i say it, forever and so far, touch wood, this summer is shaping up to be the same. So with my glass half full and my cloud lined with silver i am marching face first into August. Hopeful, happy and ready to party : )