Friday, 8 July 2011



I have no idea what came over me but this afternoon i got crazy with eyeliner, over-flashed my photos and posed with a face like a slapped arse. For the record i'm pulling my shorts down in that second photo, because there is nothing worse than denim hotpants riding up your you know what...

This shirt arrived ages ago but for some silly reason i haven't worn it yet. It's so beautiful. The fabric, the buttons, the fit, the style. I don't have one complaint. It's longer in the back; which i love. It's baggy; which i love and it is striped; which i really love! Fit wise, i have a Medium which is something like a UK 14 but with room for fashionable oversized-ness. I think this would easily fit a person 2 sizes bigger than me (around a UK 26-28!?!) so if you're interested in getting it and they have some left; go grab one!

Not sure what i'm doing this weekend, so as far as outfits go it may be quiet however i will be doing a birthday post on Sunday as BMB turns one! And i;m off out on Monday night so there'll be an OOTD then!


  1. Cute outfit! I want to do something like that to me hair as well, but pink:)

  2. i love your purple hair, it worked really well I have a dark purple to stick on my ends which i'd have forever and need to use. haha
    i love the shirt as well I have a serious obsession with stripes! xx

  3. BEETLEJUSICE is one of my favorite movies, and you are really giving it up! The black eyes are awesome, I'm feeling it! How did I miss this post??!

  4. no idea how you missed the post but beetlejuice is like, the best film ever : ) x

  5. Adore this outfit & your hair! Evil Twin have amazing clothes but the prices on ASOS are ridic. This site: has an amazing selection, I wish they shipped to the UK!

  6. the prices on asos are mad, this shirt in the sale was till a bit of a heart stopping price : /
    loving that websitem hating the fact i'm a uk resident!
    why do the good websites never ship here??????