Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gothic Hippie Vibes



Although yesterday was a perfect summer day (not too hot and not too humid) someone decided to wear all black...
I think i was driven to it by the peacock feathers, i bought this thing, whatever it is, (I don't think a bit of leather with beads and feathers and shit attached has an official name, correct me if i am wrong!) last summer and haven't worn it since. I love it, i just didn't find a good time. Anyway, i wanted to wear it yesterday and went for all black so it stuck out which then meant i focused most of my attention on accessories.
I love jewellery and belts and all that jazz but i've never considered myself one of those people who is an accessories goddess. Like some people wear really ornate statement pieces and always pick the most beautiful stuff but for me it tends to just be a cycle of the same things like my sterling silver jewellery (most of which is sentimental and not fashionable),  plain belts, standard black bag and whatever sunglasses go with the clothes i have on. And if i do wear lots of accessories it's never a real conscious effort, i just kinda do it. So the point i'm getting to is that yesterday was a nice change from being clothes driven and i think i'll be using the stuff in my jewellery box more often!

I had a fantastic day shopping my arse off and i'll probably post a little bit of what i bought later if i get round to it. It was my last chance to go nuts really because from now on it's all save, save, save ready for uni. Which i'm starting to get very excited and nervous about!!!

I hope y'all had/are having a lovely weekend whatever you're up to : )


  1. looking great! I like this dress! its so simple but fun!