Monday, 18 July 2011

Morning 18/7/2011


This morning was a little bit annoying, these pictures are about the only good thing to come out of it. I woke up to rain and a completely failed pin curl that left me with 70's porn hair (hence the up do). I usually walk to work in my uniform but i couldn't face a day in wet clothes so decided to wear this for the walk.
It's just another good example of a really simple casual outfit liiiike; this. The jacket is from ASOS Curve and i bought it in the sale after desperately wanting it since it first appeared but apparently not enough to pay full price : )
I'm so in love with my new bag, i think it makes this ensemble really. I've always been black only when it comes to everyday bags but i can see that changing now!

I'm off out to dinner tonight. Wagamama's with my lovely friend Hayley. No idea what i'm wearing but if it comes out good i'll post on it tomorrow, along with pictures of all out tasty food!


  1. That jacket is so amazing, I wish I had bought it too!

  2. it's pretty awesome, i'm not gonna lie :) x