Sunday, 17 July 2011

In Pictures...

Sunday 17th July 2011 -

1 - Waking up after a long sleep is always good, even if it is grey outside.
2 - My tea collection.
3 - Tea & Cigarettes.
4 - My favourite bread for toasting.
5 - Toast!
6 - My two cats, apparently they were thirsty.
7 - Conditioning the hell out of my hair.
8 - My new bag from ASOS.
9 and 10 - Rose Incense, it smells so amazing i can't actually stop burning it.
11 - The ultimate lazy weekend clothes: Leggings and a Basketball Jersey.
12 and 13 - A sample of my soundtrack.

I have had an absolutely beautiful, chilled out, mellow, lovely weekend! I was meant to be going away but decided against it in favour of relaxing and spending time with some pretty awesome people.
Today however was purely self indulgent me time. I got up late, strolled about the house in my undies, had a shower, listened to music with the volume all the way up and just did a whole ton of generally amazing things.
Does anyone else just absolutely love weekends or days like that? Where you just forget all responsibility and do completely your own thing?
I love it. It definitely topped off my weekend perfectly.
Get up to anything interesting this weekend? If so, i want to hear all about it, please : )


  1. Sounds good to me bb! I adore that ASOS bag & I may be shooting in the dark here but you wouldn't happen to like tea by any chance? ;)

  2. i do like tea as it happens! what gave it away? : )

    the bag is amazing, i just thought it'd be a lot smaller for some reason but nope, tons of room in it.x