Monday, 18 July 2011

Evening 18/7/2011


I just got in from yummy food and delicious cocktails with beautiful company. I only wanted to post because of my love for this coat, isn't it stunning? I spotted it in a vintage shop and then my dad bought it thinking he could pull it off with jeans and a t-shirt, he can't, but that's fine because i get primary use of the thing (he insists on calling it his!) I bet a bunch of you are LOL-ING your faces off at the thought of a grown ass man wearing a women's purple faux fur coat but to be fair to him, he does love the 70's trippy shit and if he strolled about in Hendrix like ensembles he could probably make it work. Problem is, he doesn't. My dad is a man of cargo pants and t-shirts, which is fine, but doesn't really work with eccentric outerwear : )


  1. Look at you rocking your fur coat like a pimp. I love it! I also adore your bag. Great look