Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Little Pony


I also had my nails painted in Barry M - Mint Green with a Matte Rimmel Topcoat:

My colour scheme was all pastels today so it reminded me of My Little Pony and Carebears. Random Fact: I never owned either of those toys as a child but as a teenager i bought and then burned/tattooed/decapitated them and wore the leftovers as accessories. Hula Barbie had it the worst though...

This is pretty typical comfort outfit for me, especially the top which is a hangover/hot weather/long journey favourite! The jeggings and vest are pretty standard but the shoes, oh the shoes! They're an 8 and i'm a 9 or 10, they were on sale and i couldn't resist. 3 years later they are finally broken in, like i can wear them for a few hours as long as i don't have to walk more than 2 miles : )

Moving on, i wore this to the cinema to see Bridesmaids. Totally hilarious, i recommend it! Acting is such a huge passion of mine and although film isn't what i'd want to go into if i had the chance to act as a job it's still really inspiring to see such a strong female cast who are quite frankly gorgeous, amazing and brilliantly funny.
Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are my two new heroes!


  1. So cotton candy-y! I love the look, it's giving me a sweetheart punk vibe. I was the biggest fan of all that you named, then when I got older I hated pink. Go figure. You're very pretty, and I'm a sucker for those jeggings!

  2. thank you : )
    sweetheart punk, totally loving that! the jeggings are super comfy, and they have a zip and pockets and stuff so they're structured like normal jeans.x