Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bows and Glitter

Due to the annoying unprovoked attack of nasty bacteria that was launched on my tonsils (i'm quite bitter about it all now, i really am, i can't stress how much i hate being ill) I've been stuck in the house today, bored out of my mind. So, as bored people do, i messed around with my hair and nails. This is the result. A big ass bow right on top of my head and red glitter obmre clawz. I am so cool!
: )

The hair is all my own and fully attached to my head by roots and follicles and shiz. And the nail varnish is Barry M Red Glitter.


  1. I'm dying my hair (ends) blonde soon! just wondering did you do yours yourself and is up keep easy?

    the bow looks so cute as do your nails :) xx

  2. yeah i totally did mine myself and keep up is super easy.
    i use the john frieda go blonder range, a host of deep conditioners, raw jojoba oil and a purple shampoo to keep it looking decent between bleaches.
    (mine is pretty damaged though!)

    my best advice is to leave as long as possible between dying sessions and if the ends get a bit dry start not shampooing them as often and conditioning all the time!

    hope this helps :)