Tuesday, 26 July 2011


So after a day and a bit of feeling worse than i have ever felt in my whole life (i am very rarely ill beyond a long cold or cough) i took the day off work and dragged my achey self to the Doctor. Turns out i have Tonsillitis which for the record, sucks!
I'm on antibiotics and bed rest and the doctor told me i had a "very impressive fever". Turns out that when i do get sick, i get really sick!
So i guess the point is that things will be quiet on the outfit front, mostly because A) i am in no fit state to be in front of a camera and B) i'm pretty much just gonna live in my PJ's until i go back to work.
Hopefully though i might do some other posts where i dont need to post pictures of myself!

If any of you out there have had tonsillitis before i just want to say; well done for surviving. If the symptoms don't kill me then the next few days stuck in the house will!


  1. Hope you get better soon !! & Yes tonsillitis does suck :) x