Saturday, 23 July 2011

Quality Time

I went for a little picnic with my Dad today. Just us, by the river, chillin'.
It's sort of hitting me now that in a couple of months i'm not going to be living at home anymore and whilst i am of course, very excited, i'm also aware of how much i will miss certain people!
So yeah, i'm getting my quality time in now!


I wore two of my favourite trends today, my most loved recent addition to my wardrobe and some beautiful jewellery i'd forgotten all about!
The stripes and maxi trends have by far been my favourites for summer, totally digging almost every striped item i see and y'all know how much i love maxi's (go maxi or go home, that's my motto!) Anyone got any favourite trends that they've worn to death like me?
This denim is the recent addition i am loving, i've never found a denim jacket that fitted so well and looked so good and i know this is sleeveless so is more aesthetic as opposed to practical but whatever, i love it!
And the forgotten jewellery is everything i'm wearing, i bought the bracelet from the H&M men's section (best for accessories IMHO) and i found the necklace lurking in the bottom of a jewellery box, it was a gift to which i added the vintage tooth pendant.

So i had my afternoon with Pa and tonight i'm hangin' with some of my girls (Hello Pizza!), then i'm spending my Sunday making arty shiz and drinking tea! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and if you're a Brit, woohoo for the sunshine!! : )


  1. I love this look and the denim! i was going to make one but im much more tempted to buy this :)

    you look lovely! xx

  2. I love this look... I have been maxi skirt/dress crazy lately... I have a denim jacket I never wear... about to cut it up and make a vest to go with today's maxi :)

  3. I envy people who look good in maxi dresses, I just don't seem to get that right ;) But I love the pretty cool look you pull of with mixing stripes and denim and that long skirt!

  4. thanks for the comments ladies : )

    katrin: you can totally pull off a maxi, without a doubt, just have to find the right one : ) x

  5. the lipstick colour, the demin vest, the long dress... everything! Gush, in love.


  6. thankyou lovelies!

    (freaking out that two of my favourites bloggers commented on this post !!!!!)
    fangirl moment over : D

  7. Better late than never, you look amazing in this outfit! I like how you styled it with the denim vest :)