Friday, 17 September 2010


Here is a list of what i want. I'm not gonna lie, the likely hood of me purchasing much more than the leggings is slim.
I love this collection, but there is a difference between loving something as a work of art and as a great point in fashion history and loving something as a piece you wear and fit into you're wardrobe.
Although her clothes may not have a place on my rail, Beth Ditto will always have a place in my heart!


  1. The only thing I really really like a the floral print leggings, but to be honest you can get those in bigger sizes in most places. I'm a little disappointed but you're right, Beth Ditto still has a special place in le heart. xx

  2. it's kinda a let down personally because there is so little i'd wear but yeah. Big Love for the lady! x

  3. Agreed, I'm not lovin' it. the dresses are nice, but I'm not sure about the pants, I would love to see them on her or a model, but they haven't. I'm afraid that they will fit unflattering, and I know that pants like that gives me CAMEL TOE warning. LOL LOL