Monday, 27 September 2010

Reading Chain

I often let myself just get lost in blog land.

I'll just click on a link to a blog recommended by another blogger then keep doing the same thing over and over. Until i end up being stared in the face by no less that 5 pictures of a penis or three on a NY hipster's blog.
But before i get to the penis, i sometimes stumble across something so valuable it makes me smile one of those inside smiles, that you feel in your heart, that spreads to all your joints and tingles.
Just me who gets those?

It sounds corny as hell but i just think that the discovery i have made today is amazing. And if i hadn't have clicked that link, or this link or if I'd have watched TV instead i may never have heard the music I'm about to share. And thinking those non regretful "what if?" thoughts is something i sometimes like to do.

more research led to this

I could be well behind the times with this band, as i often am. But I'm not about only listening to non mainstream music because pop chart stuff is so uncool it makes you're ears bleed and your soul crumble into ash (blerrrggghhh).
I'm about listening to whatever music pleases me, so that means anything from Britney Fucking Spears if i so wish (and not because she's a product of degenerative popular culture and that is so ironic and interesting, blah blah, pretentious crap) to a local band that only ever released one EP (and not just because no one knows who they are or any of the lyrics).

Sorry to rant. But Music Snobbery is one of the worst kinds of Snobbery.
That doesn't mean i love every song ever, it just means that, well, i think i made my point clear.

I'm not sure what this post has to do with fashion, of a plus sized nature or otherwise.
I guess that's just how the cookie crumbled today.

I wanted to do a V.S. post but realised that half the stuff i wanted to put in it is not in online stores yet so i can't get no pictures : /

Peace & Love.

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