Saturday, 4 September 2010

Daisy, Daisy...

...I'm half crazy, all for the love style of you.

Every so often i get a major lady-crush.

I've had this one for a while.

It went quiet for a bit.

But my new fringe has woken it from it's slumber.

My current major lady-crush is:


Oh, she of beautiful face and flowing hair, and (not in a pervy way) lovely bosoms.

I love her style and i genuinely think she could make a Tesco bag look good. And I've watched and read interviews with her and she seems so English and charming but all with just enough edge and a definate aura of rock and roll.
I picture me and her sat in my apartment, drinking Earl Grey out of floral pattern china, smoking, catching up then riding our bikes to a vintage shop and having lunch and a pint by a river/canal/lake/pond.
She's my fantasy best friend. (i am not crazy, i am not crazy, i am not crazy) and my real life style icon.
If i'm ever getting in a proper tizzy over what to wear, i'll look at pictures on google and she's always one of the first people i search!
To the delightful Daisy Lowe (call me)

Peace Out.

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