Tuesday, 7 September 2010

OOTD: Pixelated

Thanks to everyone who sent me get well soon vibes, they surely worked for this morning i felt much healthier!

Healthy enough in fact to go and ruin my health with an all you can eat Chinese buffet this evening (nom)
Having not worn much else other than work uniform and PJ'S for quite some time i made a bit of effort clothes, make-up and hair wise (way too much effort for an all you can eat anyway) and this was the outcome.


Pretty simple as far as outfits go but i love this top like a sister : )
And if you look very carefully i even painted my nails a lovely shade of stripper bright pink to match one of the colours on the top!
I recently invested in some matte top coat for nails, a bit pricey at £4.49 but I'm loving the effect on all my bright nail varnishes, in some ways it makes them more wearable.

I just watched This is England '86, it is a follow on from the fantastic Shane Meadows film This is England set 3 years later. The film is one of my favourites and being a massive lover of the 1980's i am stunned by all visuals of the film and the new series, especially the costumes, hair and make-up.
I'm so blown away, i am going to do a massive inspiration post very soon! (i was going to shave half my head but decided that may be to big a decision to make so quickly!)

Sorry to all you lovely readers (who i appreciate more than i can express with silly words : D) for being rubbish recently. I promised i had new ideas and i for sure do, but as per usual i can not be rushed, but at least that means the goods will be of the highest quality even if the delivery is a bit late.

Peace and Love to you all!


  1. Dont shave your head!! ;)
    I watched it too... very gooood!!! and also i very much like your top! x

  2. don't worry lauren. i won't shave it all off, just half : ) x