Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I woke up, got ready, left the house looked up at the beautiful September morning sky and thought "Today will go smoothly"

Yeah. Right.

15 steps down the road and on quite the incline, too busy daydreaming i took one hell of a tumble. After 4 people, including 2 in a car, stopping to check i was okay and one joke about bruised dignity lost on somebody i carried on, embarrassed, but alive.
Only to get to the bus stop to find my £5 tights were ruined, i was covered in dried grass and i was grazed on both hands, both knees and one foot. One of those knees hasn't even healed properly from when i came off my bike so hello mutated knee scar.
On the bus i found out they're changing my bus route, nothing major but still, a set back. At work i found out that I'm not getting my usual annual pay rise "to keep the shareholders happy" but not before i had to read 3 pages of corporate BS and general lies. And also my fringe decided to quite rapidly go greasy and stick to my face.
I then finished work and waited for 20 minutes for a ride home that wasn't even coming.

At some point during this mess of a day i thought to myself "This day couldn't get any worse." And then about 10 minutes ago i thought about what I'd thought.

This day can't get any worse. Which means what exactly?
That my life sucks? Possibly.
That I'm suicidal? Definitely not.

That the day could infact get better?

Dad's cooking an evening breakfast right now. It's a treat, a Full English Brekkie for tea (but the sausages in the freezer need using so we are guilt free).
I'm enjoying a nice glass of Fanta, the taste of my youth.
I just bought some lovely new nail varnish, a tasty berry red with a great vintage vibe.
The cough I've been suffering with all weekend has decided to subside.

Things are looking good.

So really the day i thought I'd long to forget. Is turning out, albeit quite late in the game, to be lovely.

Optimism is a winner people.

If you muddled you're way through this post and made some sense out of it, you're amazing.
If you didn't, you're still amazing.
Because I'm now in a good mood.
Suck on that world.

Peace and Love.

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