Monday, 13 September 2010

Well Hello Monday...

...when the hell did you arrive?

I'm so bad at letting time run away. But it's just not in my nature to be one of those crazily planned out, highly strung, impatient people. (Unless there is a flight to catch in which case i have a fully planned timetable and suddenly become a t-rex on crack if something goes wrong.)
I've been having millions of ideas recently in regards to the bloggeroo. But I'm still struggling to think of a good running feature.
Do you guys even care if there is one? Do you have any ideas?

I have a hella load of stuff to do tonight. Well that's a lie. I have one very time consuming thing to do - Morgaine has to wax her legs. Sorry if that grosses you out but i feel the need to be honest : D

This week i fully intend to do a A/W Fashions post. Probably a V.S. And more than likely a few other random little posts.

I'll leave you lovely people with this link, I've followed this blog for a while and love it but this post nearly brought me to tears i swear:

Peace and Love.

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